911 caller: Woman's body in New Albany creek seemed battered

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A man who called 911 after finding the bodies of a woman and her two children in a southern Indiana creek told dispatchers the woman's body appeared battered.

The caller says in a 911 recording released this week that 35-year-old Jamie Clutter's body looked "beat up and cut." He initially told dispatchers March 13 that Clutter's body and those of the two children might be mannequins, but called back moments later to say they appeared to be human bodies.

The man says he and his wife were out looking for houses near New Albany's Binford Park when he noticed the bodies in a creek. He told a 911 operator the bodies were naked and submerged in water.

He calls what happened one of the more harrowing experiences of his life and he wonders why his timing could not have been better.

"Why, you know, why weren't we there six hours earlier, or eight hours, or however long, earlier," the man said.

Police say the investigation remains open. They haven't revealed how Jamie Clutter died, an autopsy found that 10-year-old Brandon Clutter and 6-month-old Katelyn Clutter were drowned.

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