8-year-old arrested for west Indianapolis carjacking


Police arrested a boy only halfway to getting his driver's license for stealing a car at gunpoint.

The carjacking happened near Washington and Pershing on the near west side of downtown Indianapolis. It came as no surprise to officers who work the beat that the victim described the carjacker as very young.

Daniel Ramirez said through an interpreter Thursday afternoon that one man demanded his car keys at gunpoint Wednesday night and that the other suspect was very young.

"The two guys bring to me the keys with the gun and take the car. He was a little kid," Ramirez said.

Metro police officers recovered Ramirez's 2008 Dodge Charger and had it towed to the police impound lot. The car still appears to be in good running condition.

Officers believe although it was a violent crime, with the attackers being so young, they may have just stolen the car to take it on a joyride.

Either way, after crossing paths with some very young criminals, the news about police finding his car made Ramirez's day.

"I am happy. Yes, very happy," he said.