8 apartments damaged in early morning south side fire

IFD investigates fire at Keeneland Crest Apartments.
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Eight apartments were damaged in a fire on the south side early Sunday morning, displacing 20 people.

Fire crews were called to the apartment fire near Stop 11 Road and I-65 at about 1:30 a.m. 

The Indianapolis Fire Department says no one was injured at the Keeneland Crest Apartments on Ashview Drive. Two residents who saw the flames knocked on their neighbors' doors so they could make it out safely, according to firefighters.

"I saw all the lights and I come outside the bedroom, opened the living door blinds and I see fire going towards that way and I just ran to (my husband) and I was like, 'Let's get out. Our apartment is on fire'," said Ajeshni Deo.

The flames and smoke moved so fast, the Deo's couldn't take much with them. Out of everything, they were only able to save some clothes and a wedding album.

"We had some good memories with families and friends in our apartment and its all gone," Deo said. "My parents' picture, my nieces, my nephews... everything's gone."

What will comes next though for Deo is uncertain after an already long night of loss.

"I couldn't sleep all night. Every time I shut my eyes, I could see my house burning. I was crying last night. I was cold. I was crying," she said.

Investigators are not sure what started the fire but believe it began in some mulch outside the building. They believe the fire then went up the side of the building and got into the roof.

IFD Victims Assistance is now working with the Red Cross and apartment management to find shelter for displaced residents.