4.5 million Hoosiers to collect BMV refunds

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - More than 4.5 million Indiana drivers will collect refunds of $3.50 to $15 each from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for overcharges on fees under the settlement of a class-action lawsuit.

The Indianapolis Star reported Thursday a judge approved the $30 million settlement this month.

Under it, the BMV will provide refunds as credits on future transactions or through checks that can be requested through the BMV's website. People who don't collect their refunds via a transaction or check will be sent checks when a final accounting is conducted in three years.

Attorney Irwin Levin, who brought the lawsuit, said the BMV will refund 100 percent of the overcharges it collected from March 7, 2007, through June 27, 2013, from people obtaining or renewing driver's licenses.

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