30-day challenge motivates local woman to stay in shape

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Anne Marie Tiernon/Eyewitness News

A local woman wanted to see what would happen if she stayed motivated for an entire month. Melissa Reeves, 25, vowed to spend 30 days straight doing a workout a day. If she misses one, she loses money.

"February is a dull month, so I was looking for a pick-me-up," she said.

Her previous efforts weren't very effective.

"I stopped doing yoga before a vacation in October," she said.

So to get an "A" in attendance, Reeves signed up for a 30-day challenge of yoga or pilates at a local gym.

"I knew this would kick-start my practice back up so just do it; 30 days. It will become a habit and here I am on day 25 and I'm very happy with the results so far," she said.

The idea comes from Invoke Studio owner Amy Peddycord, who's heard it all when it comes to why we don't work out.

"Time, work, travel./ We all live harried lives. But I recommend that people schedule it like they would a hair appointment, like they would a doctor's appointment or you know some weekly appointment with their boss," she said.

Here's the challenge: You pay $150 and attend a class every day for 30 days in a row, missing just one that one you have to make up. If you fulfill the pledge, the classes are just $5 dollars a piece, but if stop the streak, your money is gone.

"You must do 30 days.If for some reason you get a cold and if you are working a lot and you miss two days, the 30-day challenge is over," said Peddycord.

"I just have to really revolve my schedule around yoga now and it's not a hassle now. I kinda thought it was going to be," said Reeves.

By setting aside an hour a day, Reeves says the payoff is measurable.

"I'm not a normal exerciser so I have seen an overall change in my body. My arms are more defined. My abs are more defined. My legs look better. I feel better. It's a complete body transformation," she said. "I didn't weigh myself. I fit better into my jeans so that is all that matters!"

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