3 people shot at gas station overnight in Lawrence

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So many bullets littered a Lawrence parking lot after a shooting that detectives ran out of markers and had to use cups to mark their location.

Employees at the Thornton's gas station at Shadeland and Pendleton Pike became witnesses to what police describe as a shootout just after 1:00 Wednesday morning.

"We believe it happened from an altercation as both of the individuals passed each other as they came and entered the business as well as exit the business and after that altercation, that's when the gunfire happened," said Lawrence Police Department Deputy Chief Curtis Bigsbee.

As the two bumped into one another, detectives believe one man pulled out a .40 caliber gun with an extended clip and fired nearly two dozen shots at the other man who returned fire. The two men involved in the shooting have been identified as 25-year-old Wayne Blackman and 34-year-old Maurice Bennett.

Police do not believe the two men know one another.

Ambulances rushed both men to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition. A girlfriend of one of the men involved in the fight, 38-year-old Shirley Geralds, was also shot in the hand and went to IU Health Methodist Hospital. 

"It is disturbing to see that people who get in altercations have to result to violence of this nature especially of this magnitude and an innocent bystander getting struck in the process of two people that cannot try to find other means to try to resolve their issues," said Deputy Chief Bigsbee.

With a lengthy inventory of evidence, investigators are now turning to video from surveillance cameras to determine charges.

No one else was hit by the gunfire.

Wednesday morning, Thornton's corporate office released a statement that said, "Providing a safe environment for our team and customers is our number one concern. This is a very unfortunate situation."

As of Wednesday morning, police had not released names of the three people and were still checking into if the gun owners had permits.