2nd Annual WTHR Health and Fitness Expo

Attendees got to meet some of their favorite WTHR personalities
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Eyewitness News would like to thank all of the volunteers and viewers who helped make our second annual WTHR Health and Fitness Expo a success.

If you wanted to see or sample a new way to get moving, the Expo was a great place to start from the unique like Sabre and Kangaroo Shoes to basics like bootcamp and a good old fashioned exercise bike.

"Little kids, they need to start from the beginning learning about being healthy, being active so that it continues throughout their life," said Kelsey Mims with USA Track & Field.

Chefs showed ways to be less predictable and healthier when we cook and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck encouraged kids to "change the play" and minimize screen time. As one way to do that, he encouraged them not to use smartphones even if their parents allow them to get one - just as he doesn't have one.

"I don't always have my e-mails on hand or the internet. It's a nice way to get away from it for a while, so I encourage you guys to have a flip phone as well," he told the crowd.

Olympic skier Nick Goepper brought his bronze medal and Bret Michaels talked about his life as a Type 1 diabetic.

Thousands of viewers atattendedtaking advantage of the 33 medical screenings and 139 booths representing 117 companies. Those attendees kept themselves moving while at the Expo. We started the weekend with a goal of 1 million steps to be taken inside the expo hall and, according to the free pedometers given out by Franciscan St. Francis, we far exceeded that mark. Our total steps were 13,343,211!

We also uncovered some serious health issues a couple of people at the Expo didn't realize they were facing and were able to get them the immediate care they needed.