2010 Expo shooter faces new charges for forgery

Shamus Patton
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The man convicted of shooting nine people at the 2010 Black Expo Summer Celebration in downtown Indianapolis faces new charges.

Shamus Patton faces six counts of forgery, a C felony. Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said Friday that Patton falsified the signatures of business managers on work release documents.

Patton had been on work release when police pulled over the car he was riding in last week. After a police pursuit, officers found two guns and ammunition in the vehicle, along with a 30-round extended magazine for a 9mm semi-automatic. Patton was arrested but was not charged because he was not considered an escapee from work release, and he did not resist arrest.

However, now Patton faces new forgery charges.


Patton was allowed a pass to leave the Indiana Department of Correction work release facility so he could look for work. According to the prosecutor, Patton signed out of the facility on passes during which he was to have submitted work applications.

The prosecutor's office says Patton submitted Daily Employer Contact Sheets for each pass, which require signatures from a representative of each business contacted. Patton is accused of submitting the Contact Sheets with forged signatures from six businesses from June 10 through June 17.

The alleged forgeries occurred the week before the car Patton was riding in was involved in the police pursuit.