15 search warrants served in south side explosion investigation

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Indianapolis Metro Police have served 15 search warrants so far, but have not made any arrests in the south side explosion investigation.

The search warrants, obtained by the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, are being kept from public review, even after they have been executed.

That gives an idea of how sensitive the case is. Investigators want to keep other potential parties from knowing exactly what they are seeking to make their case.

Eyewitness News has learned in the weeks since the November 10 explosion that some of the search warrants have been served on family members and associates of Mark Leonard. Leonard is the boyfriend of Monserrate Shirley, the woman who owned the house at the epicenter of the blast.

Other warrants have allowed police to seize a white work van that belonged to Leonard. Investigators now have to determine who occupied a white van seen near Shirley's home the night of the explosion.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says the focus now is to merge the information collected from search warrants and interviews to see where it leads.

"I don't know all of the search warrants and even if I did, I couldn't discuss it, because they've been sealed. I do know we've been serving search warrants, we've been talking to numerous individuals and will continue to do so as we feel it's necessary," Riggs said.

More than 20 investigators are working full-time gathering evidence from the crime scene. Police are looking for more witnesses to the explosion.