13 things you didn't know about Sean Ash

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WTHR asked all of our reporters and anchors to come up with a list of little-known facts about themselves so you can get to know them better.

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1. Married to my lovely wife Toni and we have a terrific 3-year-old daughter Sophia.

2.  For the first 16 months of my daughter's life I was a Mr. Mom.  220...221 whatever it takes (watch the movie if you don't know what this means).

3.  Family pets include a Labrador retriever, Belle, and a mini-Dachshund named Gravy.  Despite my love for the culinary treat, I vetoed my wife's request to change Belle's name to Biscuit.

4.  Along with a Ball State severe storms observation class, I saw 11 tornadoes in 90 minutes during a storm chase in May 2004.

5.  I've taken the Polar Plunge in Eagle Creek for Special Olympics... twice!

6.  I have ticket stubs to every event I've attend in my life beginning with a trip to the Empire State Building in 1978.

7.  Losing car keys is a skill set I unfortunately possess.

8.  4,200 miles, 13 states, 7 national parks, in just FIVE days.  What my dad and I accomplished on a spur-of-the-moment road trip during my senior year in college.

9.  I hate cars, but had a tough time trading in my last that had over 200,000 miles.

10.  Beginning with 1980, I can name all four participants for each year of the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four.

11.  I've never played Fantasy Football

12.  I have sharp elbows and they are costly.  Here's proof:

13.  I'd rather shovel snow than sweat in summer heat.