13 things you didn't know about Dave Calabro

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WTHR asked all of our reporters and anchors to come up with a list of little-known facts about themselves so you can get to know them better.

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1. I am a Christian guy who loves to do charity work behind the scenes.

2. I jam to Christian music (try the Aaron Pelsue Band)

3. My college sweetheart is my wife and best friend.

4. We have two awesome sons.

5. I grew up 5.4 miles from WTHR and My parents still live in the house I grew up in.

6. I am a private person away from work.

7. I am a hat and t-shirt guy! You wouldn't recognize me unless I opened my big mouth!

8. I find the hair jokes very funny because I am actually a slob! (ask the neighbors!)

9. I have never colored my hair and I spend only five minutes a day combing it!

10. I really love to go boating..a lot!

11. I really love to ski…slalom and snow skiing a lot!

12. I love to go fishing in small Indiana rivers and creeks.

13. I feel blessed to be a part of WTHR in my hometown!