13 things you didn't know about Bob Kravitz

Sports columnist Bob Kravitz made his television debut Monday morning on WTHR Sunrise.

"The last time I saw 6 o'clock in the morning, I was just getting back from a bar in Sochi," Kravitz joked. "So, this is not normal for me."

Kravitz will write 4-5 columns a week for wthr.com, as well as make television appearances on shows like the Pat McAfee Show and WTHR's Sports Jam.

"Whenever they want my ugly mug on TV, I'll be glad to do it," Kravitz said.

Expect his first column to hit wthr.com later today.

Photo: Bob Kravitz waits behind the scenes for his WTHR Sunrise debut.

Here are some things you need to know (that you maybe didn't know before) about your humble columnist:

1) Owner of one suit that currently fits. (And here it is, complete with tie:)

2) Despite rumors, Angela Buchman does not have a restraining order out on me. Yet.

3) Love reggae music, great literature and the rare, well-struck 8-iron.

4) Married 24 years and have two daughters in college; one at IU (victory lap) and one at the University of Dayton (junior).

5) Do not own a makeup compact.

6) Played high school, college and adult-league hockey, currently an assistant coach for 3A state champion Zionsville Arctic Eagles.

7) So computer illiterate, I thought the Vine app referred to wine.

8) Grew up in New York and then Chicago, graduated IU in 1982.

9) Not Bill Polian's favorite columnist.

10) Host an annual golf tournament to raise funds for ALS research, in the memory of my late mother.

11) Once did a celebrity comedy standup routine at Crackers in Broad Ripple, did not bomb completely.

12) Always threatening to get in shape.

13) Never following through on those threats.