100+ witnesses could be called in Purdue murder case

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Newly released documents in the murder case of former Purdue student 23-year-old Cody Cousins reveal prosecutors may call as many as 35 law enforcement officers and nearly one hundred others, including dozens of students.

Cousins remains in jail without bond, accused of killing 21-year-old Purdue senior Andrew Boldt during a lecture in the Electrical Engineering building on January 21st

Inside Cousins' near campus apartment, police found common items like a journal, energy bill, cell phone and laptop.  They also found packaging for a handgun and ammunition. 

Additionally, police took multiple swabs of blood from his clothing.  All of the clothes he was wearing at the time of the shooting were also seized. 

The evidence list is lengthy. It includes a Smith and Wesson revolver, a Gerber knife as well as more than 60 videotaped or written statements.

See the new documents here.