10-year-old McCordsville girl fighting battle against rare cancer

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A 10-year old girl is fighting for her life after doctors diagnosed her with a rare cancer.

Despite that diagnosis, Riley Jennings and her family have become an inspiration to others. Their lives were turned upside down after Clint and Jeana Jennings took their daughter to the doctor for a stomach ache.

"They found some spots on her liver that didn't quite look right. A few hours later, did a full body scan and gave us the diagnosis," Clint said.

Doctors diagnosed Riley with stage four intestinal sarcoma, a stomach cancer rarely found in children.

"It scared us to death, because she didn't have any symptoms or any signs other than a little constipation and bellyaches," Clint said.

Despite chemotherapy, Riley even amazes her parents with how she's handled the news.

"It's been hard at some points, but we have been getting through it and I've just been good," Riley said.

Family and friends - and even strangers - are coming to Riley's rescue. Although a temporary hotel stay and expensive medication has left the family financially devastated, they are rich with hope about Riley returning home.

"I tell my girls all the time to just 'FROG it' - Fully Rely On God - and everything will be okay," Jeana said.

"I have been doing fine, so they don't really have to worry about anything, really," Riley said.

When Riley and her family finally come home, their entire house must be sanitized, in order for the young girl to stay healthy. Volunteers are working non-stop decontaminating the Jennings' house.

"Laying carpet, laying hardwood floor and trying to clean up mold, fumigating the house," Clint said.

All that, just so the Jennings will have a better chance at winning Riley's fight at home.

The family is trying to move back into their home Monday.

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