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Two dead in Decatur Township homicide

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Indianapolis - Two people are dead in what police are calling a double homicide. It happened in the 9100 block of Middlebury Way in Decatur Township. Officers identified 70-year-old Milton Lindgren, and 73-year-old Eric Hendricks as the victims. 

Detectives spent Monday afternoon making the rounds talking to neighbors in what they say is usually a quiet community. But Monday afternoon, that peacefulness was shattered by word that police had found two men inside a home murdered.

Investigators say the murder victims both lived in the home, but won't say how they died, how long they may have been inside or where in the home police found them.

Police were called to the address on a welfare check. When they did not get a response, the officers made entry and found the two men.

"Family concerned about their well-being, that's why officers initially responded to this location and they couldn't make contact. [They] made entry into the house and that's when they discovered two males inside victims of a homicide," said Officer Chris Wilburn.

Neighbors were concerned and upset.

"Very nice, didn't bother nobody," said Tajuana Hall, neighbor. "The one guy just walked his dogs, went back and forth to work. Very pleasant neighbor, so this is like out of the ordinary."

Neighbors say the two men were in their 70's, one of them was wheelchair-bound.

"Nervous, scared. You wouldn't expect it to be this close to home. You see it everywhere else you know and it's not close to home but this is right next door for me and just scared," said Hall.

The discovery of the bodies has this once quiet neighborhood terrified.

"We have no idea who really did it and why they did it, or if they are going to be caught," said neighbor Bev Marker.

Neighbors wonder if the murders are connected to recent acts of vandalism at the same home. They say someone cut the cables outside the home a few months ago and left a threatening note on the door.

"It certainly seemed based on some kind of hate about who they thought they were," said Marker. "I had encouraged him to report and I had also strongly encouraged him to put up a camera and get an alarm system and my understanding was he finally did buy one and hadn't installed it yet."

Neighbors say one of the victims liked to work in his garden, but they say they hadn't seen him outside for the past two weeks. They didn't think that was strange though, because they thought both men had gone on vacation.

"I haven't seen him work on his yard and he's not that type of person," Hall said.

"I thought they were on vacation. They had gone on vacation with the dogs in an RV and several of us knew they were thinking about going again and just thought that's what happened," added Marker.

One neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, told Eyewitness News he mowed the victims' lawn last week when he noticed a back window open and closed it, not thinking twice about it until Monday when the crime scene tape went up and the men's bodies were discovered inside.

Police have not released any suspect information yet. Detectives are canvassing the area looking for possible evidence or motive.

Call 262-TIPS with information related to this case.

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