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Meijer to offer free drugs

Alex Sanz/Eyewitness News

 Indianapolis -- The battle for your business in prescription drugs hit a new front on Monday.

Midwest retailer Meijer announced plans to offer its customers seven of the most commonly used drugs to treat childhood ailments at no cost.

By offering the drugs for free the company joins a list of retailers making health care more affordable.  Competitor Wal-Mart already offers select drugs for four dollars per prescription.  Target and K-mart have similar programs.

With word of the announcements some have wondered why the corporate giants are being so generous.  Is it to help consumers?  Or is about the bottom line?  One expert called the moves the beginning of a new drug war.

"They're probably not going to make any money on their drugs," said Matthew Will, associate dean of the University of Indianapolis School of Business.  "Meijer will obviously lose money giving drugs away for free.  So they're really just trying to get the customer in the store."

Indianapolis mother of five Afzal Zahidi called Meijer's announcement a win-win.  "My five kids get ear infections quite often," she said.  "A lot of these places have pharmacies in them now so it's just a win-win situation."

Click here for the complete list of free drugs available from Meijer.

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