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Cereal restaurant opens in Bloomington

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Bloomington - A restaurant in this college town is offering a creative alternative to fast food that appeals to the young at heart. The Cereal Barn features cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant opened Wednesday in Bloomington.

Mom always said make time for breakfast. But eating cereal any time?

"It's a perfect food and there's so many combinations. It just works," said Mark Wilson, Cereal Barn owner.

Wilson thought outside the box with this one, or perhaps inside the cereal box. He's opened a new concept restaurant: The Cereal Barn. In a country-themed kitchen, they dish out breakfast by the bowlful, morning, noon and night.

"Everybody's welcome and everybody should feel at home, because everybody has a box of cereal in their cupboard," Wilson said.

So Wilson brought the cupboard to them. The key to this concept is the combo. You've got Crunch berries, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios. Customers can pick and mix from 30 cereal varieties, so it's no ordinary breakfast bowl.

"Our menu is basically two types of cereal, two types of toppings, mixed up any way you want," Wilson said.

Crunch berries and corn flakes? Honey nut Chex and Honey nut Cheerios? How about with some Reeses Pieces on top?

Customers are eating up the concept. "I just love cereal!" said one happy customer.

Even if they could get the same meal at home. "You have to buy the whole box. Here you can just get one bowl and you don't have to buy it again and you don't have to eat the whole box," reasoned Kate Thomas.

Cereal's not the only menu item. "No. The whole other half of the concept is the peanut butter," said Wilson.

You can get freshly ground peanut butter and jelly with all the toppings.

But the backbone of the business is breakfast. People can enjoy the most important meal of the day, all day long.

This concept isn't new. Similar restaurants across the country show quite a trend for serving just cereal. As for cost in Bloomington, a small bowl is $2.25. Large bowls go for $3.25. They're open until 9:00 pm.

Cereal Barn

Cereal Barn & Peanut Butter café
408 E. 6th Street

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