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911 tapes released in Pacers shooting incident

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Antoine Toon was arrested. Antoine Toon was arrested.

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Eyewitness News is learning more about the weekend shooting involving Pacer Jamaal Tinsley. 911 operators took a telephone call from someone at the Conrad Hotel about the gunfire.

The telephone call came from The Conrad but didn't go through, so eventually the operator called the hotel.

This is the second gunfire incident involving Pacer Player Jamal Tinsley. He went to the nightclub Cloud 9 Saturday night with his brothers and friends. They told police two vehicles followed them downtown after leaving the club.

Tinsley pulled up to the Conrad Hotel where someone opened fire on them. A bullet struck Pacers equipment manager Joe Qatato in the elbow.

The following is a transcript of the 911 call made from the Conrad: (Listen to the call here.)

OPERATOR: This is the 911 operator. I received an incomplete call.
CALLER: Okay, yes, this is the Conrad Hotel - 50 West Washington. There has been gunshots out front.
OPERATOR: Okay, do you know how many?
CALLER: As far as I can tell because 'cause I wasn't listening for it, six or seven. We have a guy in our lobby that apparently has been hit. In fact, I am trying to figure out why our own security isn't up here with him.
OPERATOR: Okay, let me connect you with EMS, just a moment."

Police say after Qatato was injured, Tinsley's brother, James, and a second driver chased after the shooters, driving west on Washington and north on Illinois before turning onto Market Street to Monument Circle, firing at least one gun. They then traveled south on Meridian Street before police stopped them heading east on South Street.

Officers found three guns from Tinsley's entourage, including a Bersa handgun, a Ruger P89 and a Glock 22. Police recovered shells from .223 caliber bullets, which don't compare to 10 millimeter rounds commonly used by law enforcement. While Tinsley's brother has a gun permit, the shooting is still under investigation.

"James Tinsley has a gun permit that was issued by the state of Indiana," said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson. "As long as he doesn't get convicted of a crime that precludes him from possessing a firearm, he can carry that weapon as he chooses and as long as he chooses."

Metro Police also arrested Jamaal Tinsley's friend Antoine Toon. Officers took him to jail after learning he was wanted on an unrelated warrant. Investigators say they have few leads on the other shooters involved.

Detectives will use cameras as part of their investigation that show what happened inside and outside the hotel. Officials at the Conrad Hotel are thankful no one else got hurt in the gunfire, especially their guests and employees.

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