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College students ready for new school year

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Indianapolis - It's move-in day for another Central Indiana school as students prepare for a new semester. Butler students started moving in Saturday where parents and students consider the challenges ahead.

They come with a lot of baggage but few reservations.

Freshman Leigh Weston said, "It's a brand new thing, brand new life for me."

Hundreds of students moved in and made themselves at home at Butler University Saturday.

"We're excited for her. She's ready. We're ready for her to move on to new adventures," said mom Sue O'Brien.

It is a scene played out on college and university campuses across the state and country.

Even at Virginia Tech, the scene of one of the country's worst mass shootings just a few months ago. As freshmen move in this weekend, they also hope to move ahead.

Virginia Tech student Josh Guthrie said, "I'm not too worried about it. I don't think something like that will really be a problem."

But parent Joe Wright expressed concern, "It makes you nervous."

Back at Butler, parents admit security is something that weighs on their minds, but it doesn't overshadow their pride and excitement.

"We visited the campus. Feel comfortable with it, security, You just hope for the best," said Joel Perry.

"We just came from Minneapolis where a huge bridge collapsed. Things happen. You just have to keep going--you can't fret about everything," said O'Brien.

Perhaps not unrelated, there are a growing number of students enrolled at smaller Indiana colleges and universities.

Butler University welcomes its largest Freshman class with just less than one thousand students. And nearly half are from out of state.

"Little nerve-wracking. More excited than nervous," said freshman student Jenna Wright.

With a whole new world ahead of them, they do their best to make themselves comfortable. Settling in for the school year ahead.

Depauw University and the University of Indianapolis also plan to welcome record numbers of freshman enrolled in recent years.

Classes for Butler and Depauw begin Monday. The University of Indianapolis heads back to class a week from Monday.

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