Teen fires shots on crowded downtown street - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Teen fires shots on crowded downtown street

Indianapolis - Shots fired downtown and screams as by-standers run for cover.

The people fled after the sound of gunshots rang out just before 1:00 a.m. Sunday in the area of Maryland and Illinois. A large crowd was still downtown because of the Black Expo events.

Police say a teen was attempting to get rid of a handgun, and when officers noticed, she took off running.

"As the officers approached, the person with the firearm fled from officers and while she was running from officers, started firing shots in the air," said Sgt Paul Thompson of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. "According to the police who tried to apprehend her, they thought she was trying to spread the crowd out to facilitate her escape but she ran right in the command center were she was tazed and taken into custody."

In all the commotion, the fleeing crowd ran down two by-standers and one officer was slightly injured. They were treated at the scene.

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