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Police: Swimming instructor put camera in girl's locker room

Mathew Mann Mathew Mann

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Lafayette - A swimming instructor is in hot water and facing charges after police say his students spotted something suspicious at the end of a long day in the pool.

At Lafayette Jefferson's High School pool, while lifeguards in training dove and swam, police say he focused and ran.

"Three young ladies came in and handed me a video tape and said we found this in the locker room," said Lafayette Police Department Officer Adam Mellady.

Now 30-year-old Matthew Mann, a swimming instructor with the Red Cross, is charged with felony voyeurism. When the girls hit the showers in the locker room they first didn't notice the prying eye nearby until Saturday.

"They got done swimming then they came in and they found one locker like out of a hundred that was open and there was a camera lens sticking out of the locker and covered with a blue towel," said Mellady. The officer says one of the girls "was astonished, like why is there a camera in the girls locker room?"

Police say the girls stopped the camera, rewound it and that is when they saw their instructor's shirt and swim trunks on the tape as he allegedly readjusted the camera after their visits to the locker room. The officer says you see some of the females come in, strip down, put their clothes on and then walk out.

The people caught on the home video camera tape range in age from 15 to 32-years-old.

"It's absolutely horrible someone would violate people's privacy," said a swim coach who talked with one of the young victims. Coach Deana Sotelo says she was pretty upset and frustrated that it could happen. 

The officer says once the suspect was interviewed by detectives, he admitted to putting the camera in the locker and he admitted to doing it other times in other places. But he said once he went back to his camera that day, Saturday, and found it wasn't there he said he destroyed some of the tapes."

Police say the females spied on Saturday were actually in the suspects classes over several days, about 15 to 20 hours of classes. While the taping happened at Lafayette Jeff High School. it does not involve the school system.

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