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House speaker favors itemized funding for I-69 extension

Indianapolis - House Speaker Patrick Bauer wants lawmakers to consider setting aside money for the Interstate 69 extension to ensure that the Indianapolis-to-Evansville highway gets built.

The deadline is nearing for lawmakers to settle on the state's next budget. And Bauer says he favors itemizing funding for the I-69 project rather than approving a lump-sum pool of money that could be used for multiple highway projects.

When the Democratic-controlled House approved its budget bill in February, it allocated no funding for I-69 or other projects out of Governor Daniels' Major Moves construction fund. The Senate budget proposal lists the lump sum, but it does not designate individual road projects. With that funding included, the budget bill now goes back to the House.

An Indiana Department of Transportation projects list had recommended $119 million for I-69 as part of a larger one-point-one billion-dollars in highway projects.

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