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New Colts merchandise is hot off the presses

Only official merchandise has the hologram. Only official merchandise has the hologram.

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Indianapolis - The Colts are Super Bowl bound, and new posters, banners and signs are being printed up Wednesday. Reebok International also began production of the official locker room Championship T-shirts and hats Wednesday morning.

After the AFC Championship, graphic artists rolled up their sleeves and went back to the drawing board once again.

"There will be thousands - literally thousands - of posters," said Frank Hancock, Sports Graphics, Inc.

Four new Super Bowl poster designs will print over the next 24 hours. As a "thank you" to the Colts, Sports Graphics is changing the banner above Gate One. This time it reads, "Superbowl Bound." The banner prints Wednesday, and will go up Thursday.

But that won't be the only new sign you will see around town. "A lot of businesses are stepping forward and putting Go Colts banners up, so we're big on blue and white and big on horseshoes today," said Hancock.

Just down the street at Reebok, the new Superbowl Championship T-shirts are getting printed.

"This is definitely the sneak peak. The official shirt and cap for the Superbowl Champions," said Eddie White, Reebok. "As soon as that clock hits zero-zero, the winning team will get these hats and shirts on the field just like we saw Sunday evening at the Dome."

A Colts victory will mean the same shirts and hats being printed up this week will be available for fans late that night and early Monday morning at Dick's Sporting Goods, Finishline, and Hatworld. Remember to look for the unique design for the Superbowl XLI logo.

"It's the end zone marker pylon. You see it in the Superbowl logo here, you also see it in the word Champions up here. It's the same pylon when Marvin Harrison goes in the corner of the end zone," said White.

Just make sure you don't buy a knock-off by mistake. Only the official sportswear will have the hologram and locker room tag.

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