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Greencastle protesters voice opposition to Iraq war

Roger Harvey/Eyewitness News

Putnam County - President Bush is in Vietnam, a country changed drastically since the Vietnam war. Many people compare that conflict with today's war in Iraq. That comparison came up Friday in Putnam County where war protestors held a peace demonstration. The protesters are against the Iraq war, but want to make it clear they are for the troops.

They lined up outside the courthouse in Greencastle. Among the soldiers Jean Walker wants home is her nephew, Sergeant Daniel Fields, and his wife, Sergeant Joanna Fields, both with the Marines.

"Every time they are over there we pray everyday God surrounds them with angels of safety and that they make it home safe," said Walker.

They support the American troops, but are angry they were put in harm's way. The recent election gives them hope a new Congress will determine a plan to bring the war to an end.

"We voted in a new government to get the war over with and I don't want them to forget why they got elected," said Margo Bode, demonstrator.

The demonstration comes at a time when President Bush is in Vietnam. The demonstrators say they see similarities between what happened in Vietnam and what is now taking place in Iraq.

John Dittmer says its important for the country to back the soldiers. "One of the things we learned from Vietnam is some wars are not winnable and we are in one right now. It was a mistake and people realize that now but there's some disagreement about how we get out," said John Dittmer.

Until then, these Hoosiers say they're against the war in Iraq, but for the troops fighting for freedom.

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