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Police: Woman dies after ex-boyfriend shoots her

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A standoff at a home on the city's north side ends with a woman dead, her teenage son shot, and her ex-boyfriend in the hospital. Police say the ex-boyfriend shot the teenager and his mother, then tried to take his own life. That man is recovering from surgery and facing a murder charge.

The stand-off began Friday morning at a home on Crook Drive near 86th and Hague Road.

Payton Wells watched nervously with family as SWAT team officers entered his cousin's home. Angela Dees, 38, and her 15-year-old son came home around 6:00 am Friday. Police say her ex-boyfriend Christopher Allen was waiting with a gun.

The teen, DaRon Sharpe, a student at Warren Central High School, called his aunt saying Allen shot him after ordering him to leave the estranged couple alone.

"My nephew just called me and said my sister's ex-boyfriend shot him in the foot or something and he's got my sister in the house," the aunt told dispatchers.

SWAT team officers surrounded the home as negotiators tried to convince the Allen to surrender. Family, friends and neighbors watched and even prayed together, especially after seeing the 15-year-old wounded.

"I don't understand it. It's unbelievable that he would even shoot a kid," said Payton Wells.

When SWAT team officers finally got inside they found both Dees and Allen in separate parts of the house.

"He was in the master bathroom and the mother was in the master bedroom," said Captain Phil Burton.

Officers found Angela Dees with multiple gunshot wounds to the head. They also found her ex-boyfriend with what they call a self-inflicted head wound. Paramedics transported both to the hospital where the 38-year-old mother died minutes later.

DaRon Sharpe is a football player at Warren Central. "Hopefully he's doing well. We had alerted all our counselors today with the information that we had found and even though we're a school of 3,900 we never wanna lose that personal touch. That's why when DaRon comes back with us, we will connect with DaRon and make sure that his getting back with us will be as seamless as possible," said Tony Burchett, Warren Central Principal.

13 Investigates has discovered that Dees requested that a no-contact order be filed against Allen based on violent behavior towards her in October. However, that order was never delivered to him.

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