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Stealing from the Dead


13 Investigates reporter Sandra Chapman looks into how untested tissue got implanted in patients.

Local cemetery owners accused of stealing $23M in funds - A local cemetery owner and his wife are in jail, accused of stealing $23 million in maintenance funds from the cemeteries they bought.

February 2007 Update: 13 Investigates showed you the secret workings of an illegal harvesting ring that has Indiana patients living in fear. This week, state lawmakers responded.

Stealing from the Dead: Part One - It's a gruesome crime buried in greed. Some 19,000 lots of stolen, unscreened cadaver tissue was implanted into thousands of surgery patients, with dozens in Indiana.

Stealing from the Dead: Part Two - Local hospitals and surgeons warned Indiana patients to get tested in the wake of a nationwide tissue implant scare.

Experts call for oversight of tissue recovery industry - Buying or selling human tissue is against federal law, but thousands of companies nationwide - including some funeral homes - are cashing in on tissue harvesting. It's a fast growing medical industry with very little oversight.

US FDA: Keeping Tissue Safe

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