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Police: Shooting victim threatened officers

Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Muncie - A police officer killed a man in an overnight police action shooting. Investigators say 50-year-old Allen Rees called 911, threatening to kill Muncie police officers before the deadly confrontation.

Police believe that Rees was despondent over the recent death of his wife and that he even sought medical treatment for his depression. However, they think that the loss of his wife was unbearable, perhaps leading him to a deadly confrontation with officers after Rees allegedly called 911, threatening suicide.

"Dispatch told him they were going to send out an officer to talk to him. He said, 'You can send them out but there will be no talking. I'm going to shoot at em,'" said Deputy Chief Terry Winters, Muncie Police Department.

When officers arrived early Monday at Rees' Muncie home, investigators say Rees pointed a gun at one officer who took cover. Three-year veteran Officer Shane Finnegan then demanded Rees drop his weapon.

"He pointed a gun at the officer. The officer told him several times to drop the weapon. He then raised it at the officer and the officer fired several times at him," said Winters.

Alice Williams lives across the street from Rees. "It was scary. I got woke up at 1:00 am. I heard three gunshots," she said.

Police say they were called to Rees' home earlier this month when he was threatening to rob a convenience store, hoping that police would shoot him. Family members confirmed to officers that he was suicidal.

Rees had several run-ins with the law. Despite arrests for DUI, domestic battery and armed robbery, a neighbor says it appeared Rees was trying to get his life in order before what police believe was a plan to commit suicide by pointing a gun at officers.

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