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WTHR Lean 13: Exercises

Note: Be sure to do the STRETCHING ROUTINE before starting these exercises. Beginners perform these exercises: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. (Note: This list starts at #2 because #1 is the stretching routine.)


With a shoulder width stance, knees slightly bent and toes pointed slightly outward, fold arms in front of you and "Slowly" lower yourself down to 90-degrees or lower and repeat. Be sure to keep your head upright, back straight and push off of your heels NOT your toes. Don't let your knees travel over your toes as you perform the movement. (Watch the video!)


Lie flat on exercise bench or floor with arms at a 90-degree angle and "slowly" press the weight upward toward the ceiling, squeezing the chest muscles at the top of the movement and repeat. Be sure to keep body stable as you perform the movement, keep the dumbbells under control at all times. (Watch the video.)


Lie flat on the floor; head relaxed with your hands palms down on the floor with pressure on the floor for stability. One leg is fully extended and raised just a few inches off of the floor and the other leg bent with all pressure being on the heel. Using your bent leg..."Slowly" lift your hips toward the ceiling and repeat while never letting your extended leg go any higher than a few inches from the floor. (Watch the video.)


With your legs extended apart, at hip width, a flat back and one hand on top of the front knee for support...with the opposite hand, "Slowly" pull the dumbbell up to 90-degrees or higher and repeat. Keep your head & neck relaxed and focus on perfect technique. (Watch the video.)


With a Hip-width stance and legs fully extended so that most of the weight is upon your lead leg, slowly lower yourself down to 90 degrees with arms as shown or lower and repeat. Be sure to push off of your HEEL not your toes and don't let your front knee travel over your toe as you perform the movement. Keep your head upright, and back straight. (Watch the video.)


Standing with a shoulder width stance, head upright and abdominal muscles tight for support, hold dumbbells at a 90-degree angle and "Slowly" press toward the ceiling then repeat. Slower the better! (Watch the video.)


Standing with your head/chin upright, abdominal muscles tight, knees slightly bent, dumbbells at your side and with feet at hip width, "Slowly" raise heels off of the floor as high as you can and repeat. Be sure to push off of the balls of your feet not your toes. For variation you can point your toes outward or more inward as you perform movement. (Watch the video.)


Stand with feet at hip width, head/chin upright, abdominal muscles tight, back straight and dumbbells in your hands at your side. With your elbows very slightly bent, "Slowly" raise the dumbbells parallel to the floor and repeat. Be sure to keep your palms facing the floor during the movement for isolation. (Watch the video.)


Lie flat on your back, knees bent at a 90-degree angle with your middle and index fingers placed right behind each ear at the base of your skull. Keep your chest extended outward, head/chin relaxed, facing the ceiling and your elbows completely flat/parallel to the floor for muscle isolation. ...Do not bring chin forward towards your feet, keep it facing the ceiling. "Slowly" contract your abdominal muscles so that your shoulder blades rise just off of the floor and repeat. Be sure to exhale as you crunch up...the slower, the better you work your ABS! (Watch the video.)


Standing with your feet at hip width, knees slightly bent, abdominal muscles tight head/chin upright and dumbbells at your side.... With Palms facing upward, "slowly curl the Dumbbells up while at the same time keeping your elbows at your side for great isolation and repeat. (Watch the video.)


Lie flat on your back with a dumbbell in each hand, chin upright, elbows pointed toward the ceiling and "Slowly" extend both dumbbells towards the ceiling and repeat. Keep elbows pointed toward ceiling as you perform the movement for isolation. (Watch the video.)

13. PUSH-UPS (Standard or Modified)



With your arms at shoulder width or wider, palms on the floor, abdominal muscles tight and head in a natural position; "Slowly" push yourself up until elbows are extended and repeat. Hold feet together or slightly apart as you perform movement. If standard push-up is too difficult, perform the modified version on your knees until you develop strength/form for the standard version. Do not let buttocks sag or chest bang on the floor as you perform this movement. Slow & smooth! (Watch the video.)

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