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WTHR Lean 13: The Basics

Dave Patania/WTHR Sunrise

On the Sunrise show a few times a week, I will be featuring a series of exercises to help you get in shape. Get more information on each exercise here!

NOTE: I highly recommended that you check with your doctor before you start this or any mode of exercise. This will ensure a clean bill of health and long-term, healthy success.


• Perform every movement with slow speed of movement, and complete each movement throughout the muscle's full range of motion. How WELL you perform each exercise is more important than how many

• Perform 12-30 repetitions of every exercise

• Time is short these days, so this routine is to be done without more than 30-45 seconds in between each exercise for a cardio/strength combo for muscle-tone and fat burning, so no goofing around....get through it efficiently yet with great form and technique

• If you get through the routine and feel more gas in the tank...then by all means go through the routine again!!

• Do this routine twice a week with at least one days rest in between sessions and be sure to do Cardiovascular work on your off days. Beginners perform 3-4 days out of 7 at 20-30min per session. Moderate to high level exercisers perform 4-7 days out of 7 at 20-60 min. per session

• DON'T FORGET to warm up for 5-10 min then stretch before you do the routine and perform a 5-10 min. cool down and then stretch again after. This prepares you for exercise, helps to avoid injury and reduces muscle strain and soreness from training.

Note: Always start with the following stretch routine, then move on to the exercises.

1. 5-10 Min. WARM -UP then STRETCH ROUTINE

You will do a 5-10 min. warm-up/stretch before you train and a 5-10 min. cool down/stretch after. For each stretch, go to your furthest point then hold stretch for 15-30 seconds. Do not bounce or move while stretching...a sustained, constant hold is best for a great/safe stretch! Be sure to exhale as you pull each stretch and hold.


stretch 1. Walk fingers to furthest point, keep head upright and hold.




stretch 2. Have a hand on each side of your leg, walk fingers to furthest point, exhale and hold. Be sure to stretch both sides!




stretch 3. Grab the very top of each knee, Pull and hold.




stretch 4. Grab the very top of each knee, pull each leg and hold.




stretch 5. Reach as far behind as you can and hold.









stretch 6. Hold with constant pressure.









stretch 7. Keep heel on the floor as you push forward for a great stretch.









stretch 8. Hands clasped, push as far forward as you can and hold.









stretch 9. Stand up tall, hold the instep of your foot, slowly pull your heel towards your rear end and hold.


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