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Wishard Men's Health Fair offers many a 'second chance'

Bishop Dotson Bishop Dotson
With wife Winnie before he lost the weight... With wife Winnie before he lost the weight...
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Why men avoid going to the doctor has been the subject of numerous studies. This weekend, Wishard Health Services and WTHR Channel 13 are giving local men the chance to check up on their health for the Eighth Annual Men's Health Fair at the Blackburn Community Health Center on Saturday.

This story is about one man who decided to turn his life around by taking control of his health.

"I didn't realize how big I was," Bishop Dotson said.

Topping out at 463 pounds Bishop Dotson was on the wrong track, and his wife Winnie was worried.

"You can either have a good quality of life or a poor quality of life and having a great quality of life is most important. And no matter what else is going on in your life, if you're health is poor, you're not going to enjoy it," Winnie said.

"I was having so much difficulty. And I wanted to live. I made up my mind and wanted to live," Bishop Dotson said.

Looking at pictures from the past and holding up his old clothes, Dotson won't ever forget that he once took a size 64. Dotson has also lost about an inch a month from his waist.

Now at 280 pounds, he is walking with a cane, and recovering from two knee replacements in March.

"You look at every day in a different light. It's a blessing. And just think all you had to do was take the first step."

That first step was asking for help at the Blackburn Community Center, the host of the men's health fair.

"To be honest with you, I'd probably be deceased. My health was that poor," he said.

Dr. Terri Litty is now treating his diabetes and high blood pressure. The treatment, coupled with his weight loss, makes his new goals possible.

"My desire is to walk the Mini-Marathon, and my goal is to go into any store and buy whatever I want without going to the fat man's section," Dotson said.

The value of the free screenings is hundreds of dollars.

"Sometimes you don't get a second chance," Dotson said. "I was blessed. I did get a second chance."

The life ahead for Dotson is priceless.

Dotson had gastric bypass surgery five years ago, but says the real weight started coming off this year when he cut sweets, and fatty foods from his diet.

WTHR is a proud sponsor of the 8th annual Men's Health Fair, which will be held this Saturday morning from 9:00 to 2:00 pm at the Blackburn Community Health Center at 2700 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Indianapolis. Free haircuts, food, and a chance to win electronics including a home theater will be available as an extra incentive for all men who attend.

Wishard Men's Health Fair

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