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Weather radios available at area stores

In our series "Cause for Alarm," 13 Investigates showed you how tornado sirens around Indianapolis and central Indiana have failed thousands of times and some are broken beyond repair. The problem extends far beyond Marion County.

The 13 Investigates unit spent two months last year tracking the location of every one of the sirens and compiling information about how well the sirens work. Click here to find out what siren is closest to your home and how well it works.

If your storm sirens don't work properly, there is another option you can use to stay safe: Buy a weather radio.

The weather radios are a good idea, because storm sirens are meant to be heard outdoors. If you can hear them in your home when they go off, that's a bonus, but perhaps not something you should count on in case of severe weather.

The best way to stay safe is to get a Midland weather radio, which, when programmed correctly, will alert you for the warnings applicable to your county only. No matter what time of day, the weather radios will alert you to whatever severe weather warnings are happening.

Weather radio information

As of April 9, 2007, you can buy a Midland WR-100 weather radio for $29.99 at all local HH Gregg and area Kroger stores. For each radio sold, $2.50 will go to the United Way of Central Indiana. When you buy one of these radios, you are taking a step towards keeping your family safer during severe weather while supporting local charitable organizations.  Click here for a list of Indiana HH Gregg stores.

How to program your weather radio (English)

How to program your weather radio (Spanish)

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