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State trooper, IMPD deputy chief get into argument


Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A longtime Indiana State Trooper is coming under scrutiny for his actions toward another law enforcement agency.

The trooper got into a heated argument after walking into the office of a metro police official in downtown Indianapolis. Now his bosses at State Police headquarters have questions about what happened.

So far, Indiana State Police have not called for an internal investigation, but they want to know what happened.

The confrontation happened late Tuesday evening at the Metro police headquarters inside the City County Building. The state trooper cleared through security and proceeded to the second floor.

Once there, the trooper went to the office of Deputy Chief William Benjamin. That's where sources tell Channel 13 the trooper started an argument with Benjamin.

Channel 13 has also learned that another high ranking Metro Police official stepped in, possibly drew his weapon and told the trooper to leave.

Media Relations personnel at the Indiana State Police post declined our interview request on the matter. But inside sources did tell us the trooper in question has about 30 years experience and works as a detective for ISP.

Channel 13 obtained this statement during a telephone conversation with a spokesperson: "There are no criminal allegations from either parties involved, but we are looking at the encounter to see if it warrants an internal investigation."

Deputy Chief Benjamin is in charge of all investigations at the Metro Police Department. So far, IMPD has not release details why the Trooper came to his office, sparking a heated argument.

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