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Community shocked over officer arrest

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Indianapolis - More is being revealed about Officer David Bisard's history with the Indianapolis, Metro Police Department.

It includes several previous collisions in his squad car, but also a medal of valor awarded for killing an armed robbery suspect. Some fear that the shootout with the robbery suspect months ago could have affected the officer's mental state, something he never got over.

Officer David Bisard's booking into jail Wednesday on reckless homicide and drunk driving charges offers a case of contrasts for fellow cops and neighbors.

"We know him as a good person and a good cop and always willing to help out,"  said neighbor Lisa Morris.

On one hand, they say Bisard is a caring and award-winning police officer. On the other, he has a history of at least five crashes in his squad car over the years:  hitting fences, getting struck by two separate suspects' cars, and hitting a concrete wall. Now, he's facing charges he drove drunk on duty, causing a deadly collision.

"I'm surprised and I can't really believe it. He just got that medal of valor,"  Morris said.

The medal, given less than two weeks ago, honored Bisard for his actions following an armed robbery at the Old National Bank on the city's southside.

In April, a suspected robber, armed with an assault rifle, forced school lockdowns and road closures and led police on a six-hour manhunt. It was Bisard who ended the danger, killing the suspect during a shootout.

Fraternal Order of Police President Bill Owensby was there that day. He wonders whether that incident had anything to do with Friday's accident, whether Bisard's state of mind never recovered.

"Not only is he faced with having to have taken a human life, but he heard the bullets whizzing by his head at the same time,"  Owensby said. "If all this pans out to be true, I don't know if that played a role in this. I don't know how it couldn't have."

Regardless of any mental anguish caused by that shootout, the FOP says that Friday's accident has no excuse if Bisard did in fact drive drunk.

"The victim and his family have to live through this. The officer's family are victims in this. The officer's a victim in this to some extent and it's, there's just no, there's nothing good that you can say about this. The whole thing is just a tragedy,"  Owensby said.

The FOP is asking for a DNA test on the blood samples taken from Officer Bisard on Friday. They want to confirm the test was accurate, that his blood alcohol level was indeed .19.

If that's the case, Owensby says the FOP, in accordance with its bylaws, will not offer Bisard any legal assistance, which it normally offers to police officers.

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