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Governor reveals Camp Atterbury plan

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Camp Atterbury in southern Johnson County Camp Atterbury in southern Johnson County
Gov. Daniels at Camp Atterbury Gov. Daniels at Camp Atterbury

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Indianapolis - A big expansion at Camp Atterbury could lead to some 800 new jobs in Indiana. The plan is a land-swap that would return a 1,200-acre plot to Camp Atterbury in southern Johnson County.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts have had the run of Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area since 1969 but they are about to lose around 1,200 acres of it. Roger Caudill has brought his beagles here for the last 32 years.

"That's all right with me. It belongs to them. A guy can't say much," said Caudill.

It's hard to argue with 800 new jobs and $100 million in investment dollars. It's all part of a proposed land swap.

"That would exchange 1,200 acres in the center of Atterbury for about 2,000 acres near Putnamville,' said Charles Wooley, US Fish and Wildlife.

For the US Fish and Wildlife to approve the swap, it has to be of equal or greater wildlife, recreational and monetary value.

Once expanded, the railroad will bring in gear and supplies for an additional 4,000 to 7,000 soldiers for training. The 800 new jobs will be the instructors waiting to work with them once they arrive. If approved, this $100 million expansion will restore Atterbury to its original state. The foundations of the original structures from 1942 are still readily visible and soon will be replaced.

"For additional barracks, the rail head, dining facilities, administrative buildings. It will become the man garrison for Camp Atterbury in its expansion," said Gen. Martin Umbarger, Indiana National Guard.

"We'll be tripling the capacity of Atterbury to train combat teams and that will be thousands of solders at a time. Millions of dollars attached to each of those training teams, then there will be $100 million spent to build out this facility," said Gov. Mitch Daniels.

The public still has to weigh in on this proposal. Public hearings are planned for April 26th at Camp Atterbury and April 28th at the Indiana State Police Post in Putnamville.

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