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Spring is in the air and that means allergies


Indianapolis - Pollen is filling the air like never before all across the country, forcing those with even the mildest allergies to suffer.

The rains held pollen levels down for just a while, but starting Friday in central Indiana, they're headed back up to high levels.

The long cold winter and low humidity followed by sudden summer-like temperatures caused flowers, grasses and trees to bud all at once and burst with pollen.

It's not just caused by the flowering trees you see blooming everywhere, but the Juniper, Elm, Oak, and Maple trees are the source of predominant pollen.

The allergens cause sneezing, itchy and watery eyes and runny noses.

Many of the symptoms are similar to those suffering from other upper respiratory ailments like bronchitis, but there are some distinct differences and some clues to know if what you have is caused by what's in the air.

"If you have itching in the eyes and nose, sneeze, chances are you have allergies. Another thing, the allergy will come year after year. If that's your pattern, than chances are you have allergy. Another thing you can look at your family background. If somebody else has allergy--you probably will have it."

So what can you do?

Doctors say sufferers need to stay on their medications that includes shots for severe cases.

Other tips include keeping the outside from getting in. Keep windows and doors closed, leave your shoes by the door so you don't trek the pollen through the house and wash your hair before bed to rinse out pollen caught in your hair.

"Stay in air-conditioned environment will help. Even though the weather may be mild or even on the chilly side, close the window. Warm weather the same, close the window and stay in an air-conditioned environment that will help. In terms of medications, there are many good medicines available. You can start with the over-the-counter medications, antihistamine," said Dr Frank WU, Allergist.

And if those over-the-counter medications don't quite cut it, it might be time to head to the

Allergies can be confused for other illnesses.

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