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Last-minute shoppers may miss chance at bargains

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Indianapolis - There was Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now some Christmas shoppers are counting on Super Saturday, hoping their patience will pay off in even deeper discounts.

It's a week before Christmas, and shoppers filling Wii wishes this year are finding it surprisingly easy.

"I think the first year, the reason we didn't get one is because nobody had them. But this year it looks like everybody has them out," said shopper Landon Clouser.

"The economy is pretty weak and they're expecting retailers to start to discount," said Bill Rieber, Butler University economics professor.

Economists say the recession has turned holiday shopping into a game of chicken between retailers trying to get out of the red and consumers banking on that desperation.

"A lot of people like me holding off, trying to get the best deal," said shopper Vincent Starks.

"The guests are looking for the bargains that we have to offer," said Bryan Smith, store manager at the Glendale Target.

Economists say those holding back waiting for a sale might be setting themselves up for disappointment. As soon as a hot item does go on sale, it flies off the shelves and retailers aren't rushing to replenish them after what happened last year.

"Last year retailers overbought, so there were deep discounts to the very end. But they cut their inventories this year so people have to think twice before waiting til the very end," said Rieber.

Some shoppers found that waiting could mean paying more for certain items. Sales may only go until the 19th, for example.

Retailers remind consumers that national store chains have already sent next week's ad to the printers. The only last-minute reactionary price cuts will happen at the store level at this point, so finding one will take a lot of legwork to figure out which store is discounting the gift you need.

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