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Police identify SUV that drove through house

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Police have found the SUV that left a gaping hole in an east side home Friday.

"The homeowner, who is 85 years old, wasn't even aware the vehicle struck the house," said IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson.

Winnie Withers was sleeping when the SUV hit her home early Friday morning. She woke up to bricks and debris in her kitchen and a clear view of outside.

"I didn't know until I came outside and looked and saw the tire tracks," Withers said Friday.

Right away, police called it a hit-and-run, because the SUV that caused the damage was nowhere to be found. But within a day's work, police located the vehicle and its owner, 21-year-old Latham Davis.

Davis' brother returned the SUV to its regular parking space in an alley behind their apartment. Davis told Eyewitness News someone else drove his SUV.

"His brother had borrowed the vehicle the day before and ran into a ditch and caused the damage. It was obvious to the officer that the brick and mortar, that it was the same vehicle," Sgt. Thompson said.

Police not only found debris from the house, but also found part of the truck at the house.

"They recovered a mirror that belonged to that vehicle," Sgt. Thompson said.

Although Withers slept about 20 feet from the impact, she's okay.

"I thought the wall fell in," she said.

Davis says his brother knows he owes the woman an apology. Meanwhile, the SUV's owner says he's cooperating with police and will talk with detectives from the IMPD hit-and-run unit later this week.

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