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Police continue to seek clues in double homicide

Alisha Preer Alisha Preer
Tonia Tinney Tonia Tinney
The women were found dead in this car at a north side apartment complex. The women were found dead in this car at a north side apartment complex.

Cat Andersen/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Police continue to gather information about two women found dead in a car on the far northside Saturday.

A passerby found 28-year-old Tonia Tinney and 26-year-old Alisha Preer in a silver Pontiac at an apartment complex near Ditch Road Saturday morning.

"The two individuals were found in the front seats, both of them deceased at the time," said IMPD Sgt. Matt Mount.

Police believe they were shot to death early that morning.

"We do know that they had planned on going out the night before and that's where that car ended up," Mount said. "Everything in between is what we're trying to piece together."

Investigators say Tinney and Preer were friends.

"We know that they went to some clubs. They were going out, but we don't know which ones at this point. They were just going out to have a good time," Mount said.

Police say, at this time, they have no leads and are asking the public for information to help solve the crime.

"We're hoping that someone may have seen them there and heard of something that may have happened or seen something that may have happened, they may have gotten into an argument whatever it may be," Mount said.

While both victims had an arrest on record, Mount says the allegations were too minor to be linked to murder.

"We checked their criminal history and there was nothing of great interest," he said. "Nothing that would say, 'Hey, this is a possibility to look at.'"

Eyewitness News, however, found a history of domestic violence agaisnt Tinney in police records. One incident in January 2004 states that Tinney's live-in boyfriend struck her in the chest, knocking her into the wall and also hit her daughter. In an October 2005 report, Tinney told officers that her ex-boyfriend - different man from the 2004 report - caught her trying to move out of the apartment and fired four shots at her as she was running away.

Police won't say if those reports are possible leads in Saturday's double homicide case.

Detectives are asking anyone who may have seen the women out Friday night into Saturday morning to contact Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.

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