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Helium balloon voyage over Conner Prairie

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Tim 'Treeboy' Bush/Eyewitness News

Treeboy paid a visit to Conner Prairie to welcome a brand new attraction that will have a lot of people flying high. An air show of a different kind in Hamilton County, this opportunity will allow for people to experience Conner Prairie in a whole new way.

"We're going to be soaring 350 feet in the air, and we're so excited to bring people out here to do that," Dave Allison, general manager of guest experience, said.

Not a traditional hot air balloon, the large balloon is actually filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium.

"It's actually the largest tethered gas passenger balloon in the world," Allison said.

Allison said the gondola of the balloon can seat about 20-25 people, depending on wind conditions.

While safety is clearly an issue when flying high above the ground, the helium balloon is well prepared for flying guests. A cable, which brings the balloon back down from the air, can lift up to 45 tons. Allison said the pilots have gone through very extensive and rigorous training.

"Everything we do during the operation will be totally safe," he said.

The balloon attraction, which depicts a balloon launching in 1859, begins June 5 and will be available during Conner Prairie's normal operating hours from 10 am-5 pm. The cost is $15 for guests and $12 for members. A $5 coupon is also available.

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