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Notre Dame RB Bryant eager to show his ability


Notre Dame running back Greg Bryant is eager to show people what he can do after a disappointing freshman season. More>>


Pa. Supreme Court won't hear Sandusky appeal


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court won't review Jerry Sandusky's 45-count child molestation conviction. More>>

Union question looms as Northwestern practices


Northwestern running back Venric Mark says he is not sure all his teammates who signed union cards in January realized the ramifications. More>>

Zaire believes he'll be Notre Dame's starting QB


Malik Zaire believes he will beat out Everett Golson to become Notre Dame's starting quarterback this fall. More>>

Nine Ball State players work out for NFL Pro Day


Ball State's football program completed its annual Pro Day with 21 scouts from National Football League teams in attendance for the festivities. More>>

Union, fans monitor fallout from Northwestern ruling


The National Labor Relations Board declared Northwestern football players as employees and thus eligible to form a union. More>>

College athletes can unionize, federal agency says


In a ruling that could revolutionize college sports, a federal agency has given football players at Northwestern University the green light to unionize. More>>

IU football player "past immediate danger" after near-drowning


Doctors who are treating an Indiana University football player who nearly drowned in a Florida riptide say Isaac Griffith is "past any immediate danger." More>>

Nix, Tuitt, Martin headline Notre Dame's pro day


Former Notre Dame nose guard Louis Nix III says he hopes NFL scouts got a looked at his slimmed down physique during his workout at the school's pro day. More>>

Ball State extends Lembo's contract through 2018


Ball State University has extended the contract of football coach Pete Lembo. More>>

Injured IU football player expected to make full recovery


Doctors say an Indiana University football player who nearly drowned in Florida has come out of a medically-induced coma and is expected to make a full recovery. More>>

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