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Indianapolis vacationers raise questions about deadly Tennessee fire Video included


Fire investigators say there's no indication of a possible cause for the blaze, but one survivor is telling WTHR a much different story. More>>


City of Indianapolis may be forced into court over ROC records Video included


Four weeks after a special council committee served a subpoena on the city demanding internal records on the ROC, the full council will vote whether to take the city to Marion County Circuit Court. More>>

FDA proposes new food transportation rule to prevent "hot trucks" Video included


The US Food and Drug Administration has released proposed rules designed to improve the nation's system of food transportation and to prevent dangerous food from reaching your dinner plate. More>>

13 Investigates Fact Checker: Highway funding bill unlikely to create 9,800 jobs Video included


As Governor Mike Pence signed HEA 1002 into law last week, he said the new law to provide much-needed highway funding for Indiana will create nearly 10,000 new jobs. But 13 Investigates has discovered the governor's job creation numbers may not add up. More>>

Lawmakers pass laws to increase road safety for scooters and buses


Indiana lawmakers have passed laws designed to keep tabs on scooters and buses on the road. More>>

13 Investigates report leads to changes in Indiana's Military Relief Fund


Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law a measure allowing more of Indiana's veterans and their families access to a fund that helps them pay for food, housing and other expenses. The new law resulted from a 13 Investigates report. More>>

Subpoena demands ROC documents from Indianapolis attorneys, officials


A special investigating committee looking into a lopsided lease deal for the troubled Regional Operations Center is taking legal action against the city. More>>

Lawmakers overwhelmingly support changes to military fund


Indiana lawmakers voted hands down to a new law that would make millions of dollars available to military families in need. All that's missing now is the governor's signature.

Committee fails to pass vote to serve subpoenas in connection with ROC


A City-County Council Investigative Committee failed to pass a vote Thursday afternoon with the sole purpose of voting to serve subpoenas on the City of Indianapolis and the landowner of the Regional Operations Center. More>>

Controversial bill could set stage to force township fire takeover


Indiana lawmakers say they're tired of waiting for three hold out fire departments to consolidate with IFD. More>>

Indiana lawmakers to state job agency: "Tell the truth" Video included


Bi-partisan concern following WTHR investigation could result in introduction of tougher job transparency bill. More>>

EMS staffing shortages impacting other local cities


13 Investigates showed you how staffing shortages at Indianapolis EMS are forcing trucks out of service and causing delays. But it's not the only central Indiana city struggling to staff its ambulances. More>>

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  • Small claims, big injustice: Follow the investigation

    Small claims, big injustice

    Monday, August 5 2013 6:18 PM EDT2013-08-05 22:18:54 GMT
    It's supposed to be a user-friendly township court to help settle small claims. But 13 Investigates found a system some say is out of order and failing to deliver justice. Follow Sandra Chapman's investigationsMore >>
    It's supposed to be a user-friendly township court to help settle small claims. But 13 Investigates found a system some say is out of order and failing to deliver justice.More >>
  • Tax loophole investigation

    Tax loophole investigation

    The national response to WTHR investigative reporter Bob Segall's report has been huge. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched the video explaining how undocumented workers are taking advantage ofMore >>
    WTHR exposed how confusion, fraud and IRS mismanagement result in billions of dollars in tax credits for illegal immigrants.  13 Investigates' Tax Loophole investigation has been watched by millions of people, and it's triggering debate and change in Washington.More >>
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