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Obama offers new accommodations on birth control


The Obama administration will offer a new accommodation to religious nonprofits that object to covering birth control for their employees. More>>


Indiana appeals latest same-sex marriage ruling Video included


Indiana is appealing a federal judge's ruling that the state must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. More>>

Domestic violence shelters could lose federal money Video included


New regulations enacted in last year's Violence Against Women Act require shelters to provide equal services to women and men, and bar federal money from going toward religious services. More>>

High court blocks same-sex unions in Virginia


The court on Wednesday granted a request from a county clerk in northern Virginia to block same-sex marriages across the state while the issue is being appealed to the Supreme Court. The court provided no explanation for its order. More>>

Judge: Pence contradicted himself on gay marriage


A federal judge has taken Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to task, saying Pence told the court he had no power to enforce Indiana's gay marriage ban and then ordered executive agencies to do so following court rulings. More>>

Obama: US won't stop confronting Islamic State extremists despite journalist's killing Video included


President Barack Obama says the United States will continue to confront Islamic State extremists despite the brutal murder of journalist James Foley. More>>

Indiana told to honor other states' gay marriages


A federal judge has ruled Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states but says the ruling doesn't take effect until the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the matter. More>>

Holder brings his civil rights push to Ferguson


Attorney General Eric Holder's trip to Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday brings the full weight of the U.S. government to its investigation of the police shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. More>>

Mayor Ballard presents $1B budget to City-County Council Video included


The City-County Council will consider a $1 billion budget proposed by the mayor Monday night. More>>

Councilors display "Hands Up!" signs during City-County Council meeting


The fallout from Michael Brown's shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri prompted a controversial move by some city leaders in Indianapolis. More>>

Defiant Perry defends veto that led to indictment


Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Sunday defended the veto that led a grand jury to indict him on two felony counts of abuse of power, noting that even some Democrats have questioned the move by prosecutors. More>>

Taxpayers on hook for $6.5M to Bridgegate law firm


New Jersey taxpayers are on the hook for more than $6.5 million to the law firm Gov. Chris Christie hired to represent his office in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal. More>>

US rethinks giving excess military gear to police


For years, Washington has sent military equipment to U.S. police departments. But federal officials are now reconsidering the idea in light of the violence in Ferguson, Missouri. More>>

Possible immigration rift for Obama with Democrats


President Barack Obama already is heading toward a fall fight with Republicans over his ability to change immigration policies. More>>

Obama says no excuse for excessive force by police Video included


President Barack Obama has ordered the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate last Saturday's police shooting of a Missouri teenager. More>>

Joe Hogsett files mayoral campaign committee Video included

US attorney Joe Hogsett US attorney Joe Hogsett

Former U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett announced Thursday the filing of his mayoral campaign committee, Hogsett for Indianapolis.

New Indiana law will add motorized scooter rules


A state lawmaker who sponsored a law adding regulations for motorized scooters says the new rules will make Indiana's roads safer once they take effect in January. More>>

No additional early voting locations for Marion County


Voters in Marion County will be limited to early voting at the clerk's office in downtown Indianapolis for the November 2014 election. More>>


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    Kevin Rader

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    Emmy Award-winning Kevin Rader spends much of his time covering politics on Eyewitness News.More >>
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    Mary Milz

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