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Purdue shooting suspect wants to drop lawyer


A judge has turned down a request from the man charged with killing a fellow Purdue University student during a classroom attack that he be allowed to fire his defense attorney and represent himself in court. More>>


Fort Wayne zoo plans revamp of Australian exhibit


The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is starting a fundraising drive toward paying for a planned $7 million makeover of its Australian Adventure area. More>>

Evansville officer shoots man in confrontation


Police in Evansville say an officer shot a man who refused to drop two knives when he was found near the home of a woman he had been previously charged with attacking. More>>

US 24 section being named after Indiana lawmaker


A portion of U.S. 24 near Fort Wayne will be named after the longest-serving female state representative in Indiana's history. More>>

Shots fired at cars, homes of SW Indiana officers


Investigators are seeking the public's help in finding whoever fired shots over the weekend at the cars and homes of police officers in a southwestern Indiana city. More>>

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