Reality Check: Where are the jobs? - 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Where are the jobs? The real numbers are in

A new audit of Indiana's job creation programs confirms what WTHR has been reporting for the past year. More>>


WTHR wins prestigious Peabody Award

Channel 13 honored for investigations into state job statistics

WTHR was honored for "Reality Check: Where are the Jobs?" - 13 Investigates' ongoing series exposing how state leaders inflated Indiana job statistics. More>>

Reality Check: Indiana job numbers don't add up

An Eyewitness News investigation finds many of the state's "economic successes" are actually empty fields and deserted factories. More>>

Governor finally responds to questions about Indiana jobs

An Eyewitness News investigation shows thousands of Indiana jobs claimed by the state simply don't exist. More>>

Reality Check: State wants to keep job numbers secret

13 Investigates discovered Indiana's real job numbers are a tightly kept secret. And the governor and IEDC want to keep it that way. More>>

13 Investigates

Reality check: adding up (and subtracting) Indiana's "new jobs"

State leaders boast of 100,000 new Indiana jobs in the past five years, but they don't define what "new job" really means. More>>

Lawmakers consider job accountability law

There is more fallout from an Eyewitness News investigation into Indiana's inflated job numbers. More>>

Indiana to clean up job numbers

The announcement comes after 13 Investigates revealed state job statistics don't add up. Now, the state's former lieutenant governor is insisting on change. More>>

Inflated numbers, secretive contracts surround Indiana jobs

WTHR found tens of thousands of promised Indiana jobs never showed up. More>>

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